Exodus XXII says: “If thou loan money to my people, thou shalt not lay interest upon them.” In the Jewish religion the highest form of charity is to place someone in a situation where he does not need charity.

Hebrew Free Loan Association Of Greater Springfield, Inc


The Hebrew Free Loan Association of Greater Springfield offers interest-free loans to Jewish individuals and families whose needs are urgent and who may not qualify through normal financial resources.  Interest-free loans, instead of charity handouts, fill an important gap in our social system by promoting self-sufficiency with dignity.  HFLA affirms the ancient biblical requirement for interest-free lending by offering assistance to people in need, with the goal of helping them to lead more rewarding and responsible lives.


The Hebrew Free Loan Association of Greater Springfield is the direct result of the deep concern felt in our community about helping fellow Jews to secure interest-free loans. In 1993, a number of local philanthropists provided the initial capital of $200,000. Since that time, HFLA has given out 217 loans, totaling approximately $945,500 to fill critical needs such as school tuition, automobiles, home payments and repairs, medical expenses and debt consolidation.

We want to be sure that everyone throughout Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut knows about the financial assistance available through HFLA.  Loans are provided for virtually any situation in which a person might temporarily find him/herself.


  • Applicant must be Jewish and living in the Greater Springfield/Western MA (4 county) area.  One cosigner is required for loans up to $3600; for loans above $3600 and up to $7200 two cosigners are required. Student loans (up to $3000) are also available.
  • Cosigners must live within a 60 mile radius of Springfield.  A spouse may not cosign for an applicant. A person can only cosign for one outstanding loan.
  • All applicants and cosigners will submit a credit report and their federal tax return. Consigner’s information may be sent separately as to insure privacy and confidentiality. Once all paper work has been received by the director, a call will go out for two Board members to interview the applicant.  The loan amount will then be decided.
  • When the check is cut, the applicant and cosigner(s) will meet with the director to sign a Promissory Note.
  • Loan payback period can be up to 36 months with payments beginning a month after receipt of loan and continuing every month.

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